Easy Set up

BuzzyBooth can be easily set up at your business in 15 minutes. All you need is wifi and power to get it to work.

Digital Loyalty Program

Ditch the paper punch cards, we help you build a digital customer loyalty program if needed. BuzzyBooth knows when there’s a return customer and can easily track their visits and inform if they can redeem any rewards.

Marketing Automation

We know if your customer hasn’t visited in a while, and will automatically send out a personalized email or text to bring lost customers back to the business.

Marketing Campaign

Have a special announcement to make to your existing customers? Whether it’s a new event, or new promotional deal, we make it easy so that you can send out either email or text marketing campaign in less than 5 minutes. Best of all, we can measure the result for you.

Bring Customers Back

With all these marketing tools in one platform, ranging from turning customers into brand advocates, to digital loyalty programs, to marketing automations, we have helped thousands of businesses effectively bringing customers back.